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Principles we adhere to in Kilmington Primary

Following assemblies and class discussions regarding the ‘Official School Rules’, some principles have been devised that we all believe will clarify some of the nuances of what is allowed in school.  We tried to avoid a list of: ‘You must not…’ statements, and instead focussed on a more positive ‘Way to Behave’ approach, which I feel is less authoritarian.

The rules that we came up with are as follows:

  • Encourage people to have a good attitude to learning so that everyone can do their best.
  • Think for yourself and use your judgement to make sensible decisions.
  • Be polite at all times – treat other people the way you would like to be treated.
  • Be mindful of people’s feelings in everything you say or do.
  • We are all unique and have our own personalities and specialities. Remember that you are important – believe in yourself.
  • Remember that people’s bodies are private.

We hope that you will agree that these statements are a good balance of encouraging good citizenship behaviours, but also giving children the responsibility of thinking for themselves.  We would appreciate your help as parents/carers if you could endorse these types of behaviours at home as well.

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