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Head of School

Mrs White

I always knew I wanted to be a primary school teacher and I started my teaching career back in 1997. I started originally in a Reception/Year 1 class but since then I have taught across the whole of the primary range, and have loved every year group that I have taught. I have also spent time in both large and small primary schools. I started at Kilmington Primary School as Assistant Head in September 2013 and was promoted to ‘Head of Teaching and Learning’ in September 2015. My particular subject specialities are in Maths and Science; I really love teaching PE as well, but I do actually enjoy teaching all the subjects. I am very keen on PSHE education, and developing the whole child, and my one hope would be that the children in my school develop into confident young people who have a desire to learn and the determination and perseverance to succeed. I am really enjoying my new role and the extra responsibilities that are involved. When not in school I enjoy being outdoors and have gained my Dartmoor Walking Leader training which was very demanding and so I was very pleased with that achievement. My love of the outdoors extends to holidays where my husband and I like to camp and explore new areas, especially visiting old monuments.

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Mr Mellor

Executive Head

Devon Moors Federation

Mrs Hastie

Business Manager

Devon Moors Federation

Mr Parsons


Devon Moors Federation


Mrs Brogan

Teacher in Pipits Class (N-R)

I am a passionate advocate for high quality play-based early years education and I am qualified as a specialist teacher of children from 0-7 years. For many years I worked as an environmental artist making 2d and 3d art with willow, cob and felt. During that time, I collaborated on works with numerous schools and community groups. The crucial skills I developed through my practice as an artist are being observant, flexible and able to respond. I think that these are valuable attributes in any teacher but essential for teaching in the EYFS as every child is so different.

I believe that children are full of curiosity and that they want to learn. I do not view them as passive receivers of education but as active and willing participants who have high expectations for themselves and the adults around them. By really listening to the children that I work with I hope to support them in a way that enables them to develop confidence in what they can do.

I love to read books and I will be sharing the joy of reading stories with the children. In my free time I enjoy yoga and meditation, taking the dog for long walks, loud music and dancing.

Mrs Mackenzie

Teacher in Kingfisher Class (Y1-Y2)

Mrs Shaw

Teacher in Jackdaws Class (Y3-Y4)

I first knew that I wanted to go into teaching when I went to a local primary school for my Year 10 work experience. After that I looked into a career in teaching further. When I undertook an Education ‘Unitaster’ residential at The University of St.Mark and St.John I knew for definite that this was what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go!

In 2012 I got my offer and started at Marjon that September. During my time at University I had the opportunity to teach in a small rural school in East Devon, a large infant school in East London and a large school in Cornwall; I was able to teach across both KS1 and KS2. These experiences influenced me and shaped me into the teacher that I am today. Specialising in Art and Design, I am passionate about bringing creativity into the classroom, in all subjects wherever possible.

Outside of school I have achieved my Brownie Leadership Qualification, taken part in the Devon County Show “Mascot Race” as ‘Buddy the T-Rex’ and enjoy being outside in the garden.

Miss Rousseau

Teacher in Ospreys Class (Y5-Y6)

I started my career as a teacher working in London 25 years ago, and after several years working there I moved down to Devon in 2001 to take on a role as a Primary Maths consultant for Devon County Council, supporting schools and teachers across Devon with their maths teaching. After doing this for 5 years however, I decided that I missed working in one school, so I decided to return to class room teaching and took on a job as a senior teacher and Year 5/6 teacher in a small school (4 classes) in mid Devon. Since then I have taught in several other Devon schools, some big (500 pupils) and some small (25 pupils) and have also been a non-teaching Deputy Head of a large primary school and Acting Headteacher of 3 different schools for varying amounts of time. However, at this point in my career I have decided that I want to take a step back from a leadership role for a while, and concentrate again on the job of classroom teaching as I still so enjoy working directly with a class of children and helping them to learn and grow as well as they possibly can.

Mrs Burleigh

Teacher - MFL, RE & Music

Having attended a German School in Italy, I went on to study Modern Languages at University and then qualified as a Primary School Teacher in 1989. After many years working as a full-time class teacher in East Dorset, I moved to West Dorset and worked as a supply teacher across East Devon, West Dorset and South Somerset. I have taught in all of the classes at Kilmington and teaching Modern Languages, RE and Music in the KS2 Classes.

My husband and I run a small small-holding and love outside life. I enjoy sailing and swimming, singing, music and craft activities, especially knitting and sewing.

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Wilson

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

I have worked at Kilmington Primary since 2003. A couple of years ago I took the plunge and took my HLTA which has enabled me to step in and cover teachers PPA time, courses and sickness.

One of my real loves is Art (the messier the better), a love of which I hope I pass on to the children in school.

Mrs Brooker

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Arnold

FSU Teaching Assistant

Miss Bishop

FSU Teaching Assistant

Mrs Potter

FSU Teaching Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Foster

Mr Ryder

Kitchen Manager

Mrs Hall

Cleaning & Caretaking

Cleaner – Devon Norse

Caretaker – Devon Norse

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