Head Boy & Head Girl

Posted: 29 September 2017

Joseph– Head Boy

Alara – Head Girl

Jack– Deputy Head Boy

Lilly – Deputy Head Girl

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the boys and girls in year 6 give their speeches on why they would like to role of Head Boy or Head Girl.  It was comforting to hear that they feel the same way as we do about how our school should ’feel’.  Caring for each other; acting responsibly; setting a good example; being helpful; were all reasons that were cited in several of the speeches.  The rest of the school listened carefully, asked sensible questions and voted very sensibly concluding with the election of some very capable candidates.  There will be several other jobs for Year 6 to take on this year so there will be plenty for them all to do as ambassadors for Kilmington Primary.

School Councillors have also been elected from each year group – we look forward to hearing about their plans for the future of the school too.  Previous school council members have had some excellent ideas that we have been able to implement and we welcome the children’s voice in decision making.