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Privacy Notice (How we use pupil information)

Axe Beacon Federation is the data controller for personal information about your child and their family to enable us to fulfil our obligations under law. We use this information to keep your child safe, to keep parents and carers informed and to ensure that learners and staff are able to access the curriculum in more effective ways.

We have a responsibility under law to share this information with the Department for Education, the Local Educational Authority and with future schools your child will attend. We also use other organisations to process this data (e.g. Parentmail and Capita SIMS) under strict and clear terms that abide by our obligations under the law.

Where the processing of pupil information stands outside our legal responsibilities, we will seek consent from parents and carers to hold and process that information. Consent would be, for example, that pupil information (name and photograph) may be used on our Federation or school’s website.

Axe Beacon Federation Privacy Policy

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