Olympic Torch Event

Posted: 7 July 2016


On Monday, a team of runners were selected to transport an Olympic torch to Shute Primary School. The event was to celebrate the Olympic Games in Rio this year. The Olympic torch was not the real one, it was made by Colyton Grammar School. The group that ran the torch consisted of eleven children and Mrs White and their task was to run (or walk) three miles. The group started off during assembly, after letting Mrs Brooker and Alfie take a few pictures of the group. Their route took them through School Lane, crossing Whitford Road into The Street. The group ran down Silver Street and came upon a sign post. They carried on with spirit as the sign had told them that they were one third of the way on the journey to Shute. The group then consulted a map and decided they had to carry on and go down Bimbom Lane. They then saw a sign post saying that it was only half a mile to Shute. Finally the group found themselves on Haddon Road and they knew they were close. A few minutes later they had arrived and they ran triumphantly up the driveway. After that the horses arrived and the boy from Shute and his mother with them. The group handed over the torch, had a drink and set off on the road back to school. They took a different route back but they were alone most of the time as the route was unsuitable for cars. They met up with Mrs Brooker again on the junction to Roman Road and then carried on back to school.


The torch was then taken by horse to Colyton Primary who were planning a cycle ride to Seaton Primary.